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CyberTalk 60 Minutes – Microsoft Security, Copilot & NIS2 compliance (30 August)


august 31, 2023

Watch the video recording of the live webinar “CyberTalk 60 Minutes – Microsoft Security, Copilot & NIS2 compliance”.

In our first CyberTalk 60 Minutes, we talked about how Microsoft adapts to the ever-changing threat landscape and how is Microsoft using AI to beat the bad guys and in today’s challenging world?

Our guest is Jesper Frisgaard Mortensen, Security Cloud Solution Architect from Microsoft, who, together with Matthew Thomas Clark, NetNordic’s Director of Security, Datacenter & Cloud Services, talked about:

  • How does Microsoft Adapt to the Changing Threat Landscape?
  • How is Microsoft Using AI to Beat the Bad Guys and Developing Threats?
  • Migrating to the Office 365 Azure. What Areas Customers should focus on?
  • The tools that can be used in Secure Score and how we can use it?

We also discussed NIS2, together with Andreas Eskerod, Risk Management & Information Security Advisor. What is the overview of NIS2 and its significance in the context of our organization/industry? Also, how does NIS2 differ from its predecessor, NIS1, in terms of scope and requirements?

Claus Basballe Madsen, from Arrow, shared his thoughts on migrating to the Cloud Office 365, and what Azure Security Areas customers should focus on.

AI and ChatGPT have been gaining momentum lately, so Emilie Bendix Olsen joined us to present the new Microsoft AI assistant: Microsoft Copilot. What is it and how does it work?

We got useful insights from Gary Milne, who is the IT System Administrator at BWSC A/S and is an existing customer of NetNordic Denmark. How to migrate BWSC PowerPlant Security Solution to Azure?

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