Wi-Fi Survey

Take your wireless connection to the next level by using our Wi-fi survey.

NetNordic generates thorough reports, containing data on signal strength, throughput, signal-to-noise ratio, channel interference, packet loss and much more, but customizable to your specific network. Each contains a short and precise explanation and a visual representation to make the report easy to understand, while still containing enough data to perform calculated and structured improvements based hereon.

Fast and effective
Wi-Fi planning

Take your Wi-Fi to the next level by using our wireless survey.

We will be able to plan your Wi-Fi based on your unique requirements for wall materials, floor materials, antenna direction, and much more.

We believe in getting it right the first time.
Our wireless survey is based on industry-standard and market-leading technology, which will ensure best-in-class planning and optimal placement of Access Points for your specific needs.

This way, we can ensure fast, stable and secure wireless connectivity for all users and IoT devices.

WiFi Asessment Planning

Optimizing Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is not ‘set-it-and-forget-it’.

Wi-Fi networks require fine-tuning and ongoing analysis over time, to ensure it continues to meet your requirements. Many factors play into maintaining a healthy Wi-Fi.

A new application, changes to the physical environment (new furniture, remodeling), changes in traffic or out-of-your-hands changes in the surrounding wireless networks.

These are all things that can have an impact on how your wireless performs.

In collaboration with you, we will be able to plan or react to these changes, which will ensure optimal performance and user experience of your Wi-Fi.

WiFi Asessment Optimizing WiFi

WiFi Survey Reports

We can generate professional, and easy-to-understand reports, with a thorough visual representation of issues like poor coverage, network configuration, surrounding factors, and much more.

The reports are fully customizable, based on your specific wireless network, and will give an excellent look into where and how to optimize your Wi-Fi.

Troubleshooting Wi-Fi

Our wireless-surveys powerful tools and knowledge allow us to accurately and effectively troubleshoot Wi-Fi issues, be it either interference, bad Wi-Fi coverage, wrongly configured wireless equipment or even malicious Wi-Fi jammers.

We can perform a full spectrum analysis to test any area for any frequencies that are interfering with your Wi-Fi, help isolate them and mitigate the issue.

The wireless survey is ‘vendor less’ and will work on all types of equipment.

WiFi Survey Troubleshooting

Does secure, fast and stable Wi-Fi sound like something your business would benefit from? Then reach out to us and let our Wi-Fi experts survey your network.

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