Network Health Check

Avoid unwanted downtime and reduce security risks with NetNordic’s Network Health Check.

Get your Network analyzed by the experts

Let our experienced network specialists check up on your network’s health. We look for possible issues, security risks and potential upgrades. We deep dive into your network and can, based on our findings, help you avoid unwanted and unplanned downtime.

Collaborate with us and level up your network, to ensure critical infrastructure is operating securely and efficiently.

Network Health Check VLAN

Review Network Topology

A review of your network topology may help you understand any potential issues regarding design decisions of interconnected network devices.

Review VLAN implementation

We will analyze your VLANs to ensure your network is properly segmented. This will help to ensure security, reliability, efficiency and potential cost savings in your network.

Prober VLAN implementation will ease IT management and make your network more scalable.

Review Network Solutions

By reporting your current network infrastructure solutions, we can give you a better understanding of how your resources are spent. A thorough review may help you remove unnecessary solutions from your network, which can provide cost savings and more importantly, reduce security risks.

Review Software Versions

Most network devices do not automatically update. Old software is one of the major culprits of malicious activity within your network.

By doing a software review, we can check if your devices are up to date and do recommendations of software for your devices.

“What-if” analysis

We will be able to provide what-if scenarios analysis, to give you a better understanding of how and why certain network decisions, may or may not be desirable for your network.

Configuration best-practice analysis

Based on years of experience and up-to-date knowledge, we can provide you with an analysis of your network device configuration and compare them with a best-practice approach.

Delivered in a thorough report

Your Network Health Check will be delivered in a thorough report from start to finish. In it, you will find both technical and easy-to-understand information on your network’s current health.

We will do a walkthrough of the important details, in collaboration with you, to ensure understanding and ideas on how to progress and act based on our findings.

Based on these reports, you will gain a better understanding of your network to make the right decisions, improve its operations, avoid downtime, and reduce security risks.

Network Health Check

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