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Cisco Live 2023 – Cisco Investments

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juni 14, 2023

NetNordic visited Cisco Live 2023 in Las Vegas and had the chance to meet key players within the different areas of Cisco. Matthew Thomas Clark, Director of Security, Datacenter & Cloud Services at NetNordic, had an insightful talk with Chris Dallmar, Market Development Manager, Cisco Investments.

What is Cisco Investments and what do they do? How do they collaborate with the different Business Units? What is the main goal of investing in startups? What kind of investments is Cisco interested in? Is Cisco integrating AI into its investments? How is sustainability affecting Cisco investments? Chris brings us answers to these questions and much more.

Cisco is always innovating and searching for new ways to help its customers.

See the full interview with Chris Dallmar,

Market Development Manager, Cisco Investments

Cisco Live 2023


Meet with Cisco engineers, executives, and fellows to discuss your unique technical or business-related questions and challenges. Network and learn with other attendees in technical sessions. Connect with fellow attendees and make new friends at the Social Media Hub.


Immerse yourself in five days of sessions, hands-on training, and 1:1 meetings. Learn about Cisco’s products, technologies, and services to help you grow your success. Validate your skills with a free Cisco Certification exam.


Hear directly from Cisco executive leadership and other industry leaders about their vision for the future. Learn from leading partners and Cisco experts in the World of Solutions.


Additional activities include receptions in the World of Solutions, social media Tweet Ups, the Cisco Live Game and opportunities to give back to the community and world.


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