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CyberTalk 60 Minutes – Security Operations Center -SOC (27 September)


september 28, 2023

Watch the video recording of the live webinar “CyberTalk 60 Minutes – Security Operations Center (SOC) – behind closed doors”.

A Security Operations Center (SOC) is a closed environment where cybersecurity experts work around the clock to monitor, detect and respond to cyber threats. Behind the closed doors of the SOC, cybersecurity experts work to keep organizations safe from the ever-emerging cyber threats and use advanced tools and techniques to protect organizations from breaches.

Our star guest is Markus Alkio (Senior Vice President, SOC and Managed Cybersecurity Services at NetNordic). In this episode of CyberTalk 60 Minutes, he talks about:

  • Do all large and medium-sized organizations need a SOC service to meet the ever-increasing threat landscape?
  • SOC services vary greatly in ability and capacity, what should I as a customer ask for?
  • How well can a SOC service monitor critical data that resides both on-premise and in the cloud?
  • SOC delivery in partnership with the customer, why is it important?

NetNordic’s Sales and Marketing Director, Rikke Secher-Kaspersen also joined the webinar to discuss:

  • How has the threat landscape evolved in the last 10 years?
  • How does NetNordic SOC differentiate from other solutions in the market?
  • NIS2 compliance and SOC.
  • What is the impact of AI in Cyber Security?

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