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Cisco Live 2023 – Cloud Security & Cisco Networking Cloud

Collaboration IT-Sikkerhed Netværk

juni 16, 2023

Watch the full interview and learn more about how Cisco is building its Cloud Security and what is the Cisco Networking Cloud.

A whole range of exciting announcements was made in this edition of Cisco Live 2023. Matthew Thomas Clark had the chance to talk to Tjerk Bijlsma (TJ), who is CTO Cloud & Architecture Team at Cisco EMEA, to gain more insight into how is Cisco adapting to the ever-changing environment (f.e. the pandemic and the war in Ukraine) and what are they planning for the future.

How is Cisco supporting and securing hybrid work in these challenging times (after the pandemic and during the war in Ukraine)? What does Cisco Security Cloud do? What are the benefits of having security centralized from the Cloud? What is Cisco Networking Cloud and how does it work? Watch the full interview where TJ answers all these questions!

See the full interview with Tjerk Bijlsma,

CTO Cloud & Architecture Team, Cisco EMEA

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