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What is a SOC – why do you need it?


august 25, 2022

What is a Security Operations Center (SOC)?

A Security Operations Center, also known as a SOC, is a fully managed security service that monitors, prevents, detects, and responds to all cyber threats and incidents, around the clock. The service “NetNordic SOC” helps our customers to quickly detect any cyber security breach in their own IT environment. A SOC is a centralized command center for all your organization’s cybersecurity needs.

The SOC service collects information from around the world, it can be threat information, threat intel and we also collect all the log data from our customers’ own infrastructure. The IT infrastructure can include endpoint protection systems, servers, applications, firewalls, and so forth. NetNordic Security Operations Center integrates seamlessly with our customers’ own infrastructure!

The NetNordic Incident Response Team constantly monitors all our customers’ infrastructure and systems, and they act immediately if any cyber breaches are detected. We manage security incidents 24/7/365 and mitigate all detected cyber security threats. Our people, technology, and processes are among the best within the industry.

NetNordic SOC protects your critical assets from vulnerabilities!

As trusted security advisors, together with our customers, we also discuss and implement an overall cyber security strategy. It is very important that all companies have an active security mindset when it comes to data breaches, and we create well-thought-out and secure work processes. The audit includes internal controls over a company’s policies, procedures, and technologies.

Protect your critical assets from vulnerabilities, we offer our customers the full range of services you will need for your security. NetNordic will make sure that you stay up to date with the cyber security threat landscape.

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