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How do you spot threats in your environment?


november 23, 2022

How can you spot threats in your environment?

There are many different solutions that organizations can use, to spot cyber security threats in their systems. However, in general, security information and event management systems are good platforms and tools to spot threats in your environment. All the incoming data is correlated and analyzed by rules and intelligence that help organizations to identify threats, like for example malware activities, or any other tactics that the threat actors may use.

What is Centralized Log Management?

Central Log Management is a system that combines all log data from networks, infrastructure, and applications into a single location for storage and analysis. So why do you need a Centralized Log Management System or a CLM system? There are multiple reasons, but the primary reason is security. In case of any security incidents, you want to investigate them quickly and widely, and this is not possible if you must start to manually go through all the logs from your entire IT environment. And more often, the threat actors are also deleting the logs from your systems, then it is almost impossible to know what happened. Instead, you can ship all the logs to our separated and Centralized Log Management system.

How can you proactively analyze threats with SIEM?

The SIEM can find all the security incidents across the entire IT environment. When a potential security incident is detected, a security alert is sent out to the security team and ask them to investigate and find the ongoing breaches. However, you can also use SIEM in threat hunting to discover threats prior to an alert triggering. In this way, threat hunting changes SIEM from a reactive to a proactive approach. Threat hunting aggressively tracks and eliminates digital attacks in corporate networks and reduces potential data exposures and overall risk.

In NetNordic we do proactive threat hunting with SIEM. This includes in-depth monitoring and patch management. The SIEM platform itself is a complex tool to operate, and here our security experts from our NetNordic SOC come into the picture. Our security experts can manage the frequent tuning to keep it flowing correctly. In the end, you also need a security expert to analyze all the security alerts that you get and do it 24/7 – NetNordic SOC can help you with all this, and more!

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