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Detect your cyber security breaches – before it is to late!


september 6, 2022

Detect your cyber security breaches

There are several different studies showing that organizations take from days to months to detect possible cyber security breaches. According to research data compiled by Ponemon Institute, as much as 83% of organizations claim that they have had more than one cyber security breach. The average amount of time that it takes for a company to detect a cyber security incident when they are not using a SOC, is up to 212 days (Upguard, 2022).

The data shows that cyber security should be at the very top of every organization’s agenda. There are also large costs associated with data breaches, reaching an all-time high, the cost of a data breach averaged globally with 4.35 million USD in total cost in 2022. Most organizations in the study have even experienced more than one data breach (Ponemon Institute LLC).

It becomes very clear that organizations must improve their security levels, and quickly find and stop these attacks, as soon as possible. We at NetNordic are cybersecurity experts and we help organizations to monitor their entire network and can act and stop all potential cyber threats, 24/7/365.

NetNordic SOC as your security partner

With our NetNordic SOC service, you get a security partner that is quite different from other traditional security services. The NetNordic SOC is run by fully blown IT-security professionals, we have developed our own security tools and use all the latest technology, and we utilize the latest threat information that is available around the world. Our NetNordic SOC service is also fully scalable and integrates seamlessly into your own IT environment. Any treat insights are automatically translated into protective policies and configurations. In that way, we prevent, automate, and protect your organization from any cyber security breach.

Security Operations Center

Our NetNordic SOC-service monitors your entire network and responds to all threats. We bring added security to your business through our team of cyber security professionals, security monitoring and comprehensive incident management response.


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