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Dato august 24, 2022

Tid 13:00 - 14:00

Plads Remote / Webinar

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The secret to Happy Customers: AI
AI has made its way into many different sectors in the workforce, but you may be considering how to bring it into customer service. By tapping into the power of AI, contact centres can lower costs and increase efficiency. But how does an AI-powered customer service actually work?

The secret to Happy Customers: AI - august 24, 2022

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LIVE WEBINAR: The secret to Happy Customers: AI


Join us to learn from Talkdesk’s Conversational AI expert how you can:

  • Lower your cost per contact and increase customer self-service rates.
  • Identify causes of customer issues and make customer journeys more efficient.
  • Improve customer satisfaction by helping agents resolve issues quickly.


Towards the end of this session, we will show you Conversational AI in action with a live demo!


  • 13:00

    Jan Brandi, Sales Specialist UC and Contact Center @ NetNordic Denmark

  • 13:10

    The secret to Happy Customers
    Neal Laxman , Talkdesk

  • 13:45