november 29, 2023

CyberTalk 60 Minutes – Cisco Security – If it’s connected, it’s protected

Join us for an insightful 60-minute journey into cybersecurity, brought to you by the experts at Cisco. Our guests, including Henrik Stær, Director of Systems Engineering at Cisco, Christian Heinel, a.k.a. “Mr. Security Guru,” and Kenneth Schwartz, Cyber Security Lead, will share insights into the latest developments in Cisco’s security solutions, illuminating the path from firewalls and switches to the cloud.









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november 29, 2023
09:00 - 10:00

Mark your calendar for CyberTalk 60 Minutes – Cisco Security, where we’ll unlock the secrets to securing your digital world and discover the innovative solutions that Cisco has to offer. Together, we’ll discover how to ensure that your connected world is truly protected. Don’t miss this opportunity to stay ahead in the dynamic world of cybersecurity.

Henrik Stær, Director Systems Engineering at Cisco is joining to discuss:

  • Security Readiness
  • New investments in Cisco/new technologies
  •  How did Cisco evolve from firewalls and switches to Cloud?
  • Cloud defender-what is it?
  • Networking cloud – Cloud monitoring
  • How important is the segmentation of your infrastructure and why?
  • Service Secure Edge
  • How to justify the investments in Cyber Security
  • Cisco Talos – what is it and how does it integrate with the other security solutions?

Christian Heinel, Technical Manager Cyber Security at Cisco will share his thoughts on:

  • The evolution of Cisco’s Go-to-Market
  • Which are the pillars of Cisco Security?
  • Which is the focus transformational area for Cisco nowadays?
  • What’s new in Cisco?
  • DevOps field – Innovations
  • How is the customer’s attitude changing towards Security? What are their main worries?

Kenneth Schwartz, Cyber Security Lead at Cisco will be sharing his knowledge on:

  • Scalability of Cisco solutions
  • Changes in consumer behavior – How is Security adapting to that?
  • SecureX evolution

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